Monday, June 18, 2007

Welcome all Readers!

I have held off for a long time on writing a blog. It is something that I have contemplated in the past, but I have never acted upon it. Part of the reason is that I find a number of blogs filled with fluff. My goal in starting this blog is to provide you, the reader, with substance as best I can. We will see if that actually takes place (let's hope so) through the course of this journey.

Keeping with our line of business, this blog will focus on the nuances that we see take place in the recruitment of Linux/Open Source based professionals, both from a corporate and candidate perspective. We will obviously refrain from using corporate or candidate names, but it will be trials and tribulations of recruitment in the Open Source world.

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading these posts. And, as always, feedback is always welcome and appreciated!
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