Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Open Source Developers in demand

A new article out by TechWorld mentions a list of much needed skill sets for IT professionals. Amazingly, Linux and Open Source made the list! (of course a bit of sarcasm there). The only thing I wonder is about a comment made by Sean Ebner of Spherion Pacific Enterprises that said, "Some people thought the sun was setting on open source, but it's coming back in a big way, both at the operating system level and in application development". I do not know, but I have been involved in open source recruiting for over 7 years, and I do not think I ever witnessed a time when the "sun might be setting" per se. The only time we have ever witnessed a slow down is when the whole market was slow after the major market correction after 9/11. Anyhow, if you want to find out the hot areas of the IT job market from the folks involved with this article, you can read it there. I am just glad that they were able to squeeze open source within the top 10.

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