Thursday, September 25, 2008

Collaborative Effort to Attract Developers

Very interesting post on Techcrunch today about 20 startup companies in Colorado collaborating to attract developers to their companies. Here is the official site detailing their recruiting program.

As Michael Arrington mentioned in his post, this is also something that I have not witnessed during my time in recruiting. It will be interesting to see the success rate or their effort. I am sure a mention on Techcrunch does not hurt the pool and quality of candidates they will get to choose from.

There is one thing that could bring challenges to such a large collaborative effort. What happens when more than one company is interested in the same person. Does a price war ensue? I am sure these companies have hopefully discussed this already. But, it could be interesting to see what happens if that were to arise. Hopefully, there would not be enough turmoil that would prevent them or other communities from engaging in this process again.

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