Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Linux Foundation Launches Training Programs

The Linux Foundation just launched training programs in a couple of key areas; device driver development, application development and kernel debugging. The details of their press release can be found here .

I will be intrigued to see the interest level in these programs. I think it is very smart that they encompass the broad spectrum from kernel space work to application space work. I believe it was a very good idea to just focus on the development side and not the administration side. There are enough choices for administration individuals looking for education alternatives. It will be interesting to see if these programs effect the level of success Red Hat has with their kernel based training programs. Outside of that, I have just seen various universities offer these level of programs. Knowing that there has been an overall lack of supply of individuals with these skills sets, I am glad to see these programs put in place.


Unknown said...

In my neck of the woods there is no shortage of Linux device driver developers . While that may be true a year ago, every place I submit my resume to now has about 100 to go through before getting to mine. With so many companies ditching engineers like a dog shaking off fleas these days and not a lot of open req's, the competition is brutal!

Anonymous said...


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