Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Linux Certification Article

Here is a new article from InforWorld discussing Linux certifications. It is always interesting to hear different view points. I know I have written about this in the past, but this is my brief take on Linux certifications as it relates to the article.

1. All in all, they are correct about who gets better mileage out of a Linux certification. It benefits the individuals with less experience the most. But, no matter your level of experience, I have never seen an instance where it hurts the candidates application.
2. As much as I like the idea of a vendor neutral certification, we definitely see more interest in vendor specific certifications. For whatever rhyme or reason, companies like the idea of having the certification for the software they have installed.
3. Lastly, I have never seen an instance where a Linux certification is seen as a red flag. Ultimately, if you are trying to cover up your lack of Linux exposure with the addition of a Linux certification (somewhat of an oxymoron), this lack of knowledge should become apparent during the interview process.

As always, there are situations that are outside the norm. This is just a general take on what we have seen in the marketplace over the years.

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