Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good FOSS Job Article

Here is another good article about the open source software jobs market. Carla highlights a lot of the key areas one must consider when looking for a FOSS related position; from where to look for a position, to the areas that are experiencing the greatest growth. Overall, it is a well written article.

Ultimately, the FOSS jobs market is strong at the moment. In the searches we conduct, we are experiencing a shortage of talent for the positions that exist. The number of opportunities are far from the problem at the moment. Thus, when Carla mentions "the sky is the limit", it truly is. Adoption rates continue to climb, and the number of devices that run FOSS continues to increase.

On a side note, the one area where Carla's information is just a little off is salary. We see plenty of positions that exceed the $125K level. Granted, these are senior level positions, but there are a large number of them available. Hopefully, something to just look forward to if you are just getting involved in FOSS development.



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