Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Novell and Canonical Up the Ante

Novell and Canonical have updated their certification offerings. Novell has partnered with LPI (Linux Professional Institute), with the hopes that the collaboration will increase the number of Linux certified professionals. Canonical has increased its offerings to include hot areas such as Cloud Computing. A great review of these updates can be found in a summarization article by The VAR Guy.

It is good to see competition continually evolve in the certification space. There is no question that Red Hat is the market leader in this area. As I have mentioned before, we see more interest in the RHCE than any of the other Linux administration certifications. And, it is not even that close. As a result, I have always recommended the RHCE as the best way to get ahead, especially for less experienced administrators. With that being said, it would be wonderful to see others join the fray in a meaningful way. There have been a number of certifications that have been around for some time, but they have not been able to put much of a dent in Red Hat's armor. Perhaps with the moves that Novell and Canonical are making, that will slowly start to change.

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