Thursday, February 25, 2010

Startup Visa

I was just reading TechCrunch, and I noticed the piece by Erick Schonfeld discussing the startup visa. It can be found here. I was unaware of this idea being floated around until reading this. I realize the bill was just introduced yesterday.

Visas are always a hot topic in the field of technology. And, this bill is a great way to reward individuals with green cards that are successful in getting their startup off the ground. There is always fear of us losing our entrepreneurial edge. This helps keep that spirit alive. It is what differentiates us from many other nations around the globe. In addition, immigration is what built this country. Therefore, you add immigration to rewarding individuals with being successful entrepreneurs, and we get back to the core values of this nation.

Let's hope this bill gains momentum. Nice to see potential progress on some issues in Washington, instead of watching both sides of the isle bicker back and forth at one another.

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